The Gardens

Chestnut Drive

Originally an overgrown and neglected garden, this sloping property is set high up on the hills of Hout Bay. The design aimed to maximise the magnificent views of the valley, creating a sense of seclusion by clearing alien vegetation and screening neighbouring roofs. Large Table Mountain boulders were left undisturbed and incorporated into the overall...

Villa Verte

Set within a very steep forested area of Table Mountain, this luxury holiday villa was designed to float above the canopies like a tree house. A glamorous swimming pool is blended into the natural landscape by a natural pool and curved stone walls. Under forest planting wraps around and underneath the house, blurring the lines...

Estate Living

The trend toward estate living is on the rise in South Africa and comes with a unique set of design challenges. Despite this, any garden can be transformed into a paradise of serenity and protection.